Long weekend Getaway in India – Dandeli

Who doesn’t like girls trip?

I mean, i am asking the girls who are reading this.

If you do, then join the gang. I have always dreamed about girls trip.

The origin of this idea was not mine and I was no where involved in organising things(I am shamelessly confessing this 😀 ).

We were 5 girls.

Being an IT employee and working for a US based firm, we get offs only on US public holidays(I know it sounds good but sad part is “NO OFFS ON INDIAN PUBLIC HOLIDAYS”) :/

28th of May is a public holiday in US.

Which was Monday this year.

So we have taken the advantage of this and planned to go Dandeli-A hidden paradise 🙂

Dandeli is all about greenery, Kali river and adventurous activities.

We did all the bookings(bus,train,hotels) a week before the trip.

Coming to the travel, we booked a train to Hubli and then a cab from Hubli to Dandeli.


Started off from Secunderabad Station 🙂


UNO was our saviour 😀

For return journey we opted for a Sleeper bus expecting the fact that we would get tired and to spend some more time at Dandeli.

Coming to the stay, we pre booked a farmhouse, Stanley’s Farmhouse in Gobral village which is 10km’s away from Dandeli.

If you are going on a girls trip, I would definitely suggest this place(security purpose).

The best decision we have ever made in this trip was choosing Stanley’s Farmhouse over alot of others.

Below is the video of Stanley’s Farmhouse surroundings.



They also have huts !


People who work at Stanley’s are so warm and hospitable.

Their package includes food, campfire and some activities(Zip-liner, Kayaking, Nature walk, Jacuzzi and boating) at their property.

Jacuzzi and boating were at Kali river.

You should definitely check this place if your at Dandeli.

So we started on 26th evening by train and reached Dandeli by 10 in the morning.

Day 1:

The guy who picked us from Hubli was our driver till the time we left Dandeli.

Sathish (Driver anna) was helpful and was explaining everything about Dandeli.

As soon as we reached Stanley’s, we changed to nylon clothes and went for Rafting.

Rafting takes almost half a day.

If you truly want to enjoy Dandeli, please do not plan all the activities on the same day.

If your going on long weekend trip, do not mix Dandeli with Goa.

2 days will be a perfect plan for Dandeli.

So coming to Rafting, our trainer was one amazing guy.

Kishan, a handsome guy with perfect sense of humour 🙂

Ask for Kishan as your trainer if you are going for rafting in Kali river.


Kishan, Our Rafting trainer for Day – 1


Just a random selfie after rafting.

We enjoyed our rafting more than 100% because of Kishan bhaiyya.

He explains you everything he knows about Dandeli , Kali river and bird species.


We were done with our rafting by 3 and came back to farmhouse to have lunch.

Even if you go late for lunch, you will still find hot home food waiting for you at the kitchen of Stanley’s ❤

Food includes Chapati, 2 curries, 2 types of rice, 1 non-veg curry, Rasam, Papad, Raita/Curd and a dessert.

We were done with lunch by 5 and headed to package included activities.

I did Jip-liner for 3 times and Kayaking for almost an hour 😀

Jip-liner at Stanley’s site was more fun than the one at Kali river.

This lasted for longer duration than the one at kali river(You will only find the difference in water level).


It was drizzling while we were doing activities at Stanley’s(That was one awesome experience).

My girl gang had super hot coffee which was made by Saroja who is a cook at Stanley’s Farmhouse while we enjoyed the slight drizzle.

By the time we freshen up campfire was ready.


We enjoyed it with some loud music, dance and had perfect home made dinner and went to bed by 12.

Day 2: 

We were taken to  jungle for nature walk the next morning.



In the middle of the Jungle ❤

If you can have some patience while your walking in the jungle, you will definitely end up listening to a lot of  nature sounds(Those birds and water streams).

Came back by 9.30AM, had breakfast and we headed to Kali river for the remaining activities.


Kali River


Kali River


Water flow was very high compared to the 1st day.

So we did Zip – liner, Zorbing and boating.

I was a little disappointed with the water ball Zorbing(They will tie the water ball to a tree).

We had super fun at Jacuzzi.

Jacuzzi is a must try activity.

The traditional meaning of Jacuzzi is a large bath with a system of underwater jets of water to massage the body( googled 😉 )

As the water flow was high on that day, we had fun and ultimate spa experience.

Went back to farmhouse and had lunch by 5 in the evening after having local roadside ice cream 😀

Our package was only for one day, but people at Stanley allowed us to the 2nd day stay.

We paid for the 2nd day Lunch.

We left Dandeli by 10 in the night with alot of memories, people’s warmth, love and respect.

Things I learned from them are how to talk, Behave, Smile to everyone and many ❤

Other details.

Stanley’s Farmhouse – Click here

Zip liner at Kali river – Rs. 350 per head

Zorbing – Rs. 250 per head

Rafting – Rs. 1350 per head(500 Extra, If you want the pictures)

Kayaking – Rs. 250 per head

And don’t forget to notice a Shiva linga in the river from the Kali bridge

And also to take some pictures on the bridge.

Travel Tip – Do not carry any other clothes apart from your nylon clothes and a pair of  comfy clothes for travel.

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See you all soon !


Navya ❤








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