#SummerCloset – Wedding ready ft. Suma Amujuri

Hi Everyone !
Welcome to my summer closet 😉 I will be posting as many Summer clothes(my version) as possible till the season ends.
Summer is all about comfortable and breathable clothes !
Are you some one who wants to wear black in summer but scared of sun ?
Then join the gang even I belong to the same category 😀
To beat the heat in black, I usually prefer cotton fabric 😀
So coming to today’s blog post, Weddings… Weddings in summer are pain.
So, today I am showing my craving for black in summer for a wedding(Makes sense i guess) 😀
For this i chose Ikat(My forever love) 🙂
I wanted to start this summer closet with a bang, I reached out to Suma asking for a collabarative shoot !
I have already seen her dressed in Ikat pattern, So i chose Suma for this 🙂
She is such a sweet heart ❤ She said yes without any second thought.
I always had a dream of doing this kind of shoot 😀
Before i show how it turned out, I would like to give some details about Pochampally fabrics !
Pochampally is a town in Yadadri Bhuvanagiri( district ) of Telangana.
Weavers make sarees/Dress materials using Ikat style of dying.
So here Ikat is one of the dying techniques weavers use across the world.
These kind of sarees in black will be perfect for any special occasion in summers !
I finished this look with some simple bangles and a statement neck piece.
Below are the pictures:


Other details:

Saree i wore – LPT Market

Blouse – Tailor made

Neck piece – The Saturday Night market, Arpora, Goa

Suma’s saree – Designed by Dedeepya Raj

If you liked the neck piece, watch the below video to know what all i got from Goa 😀

I am sure you all must have fallen in love with Suma’s hair, Go and get some tips from her channel in Youtube 🙂

PS – Please don’t judge us the way we draped or carried the saree. It is really difficult to go somewhere and have a shoot in saree. I hope you all understand this ❤

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See you all soon !


Navya ❤



4 thoughts on “#SummerCloset – Wedding ready ft. Suma Amujuri

    • Glad you read the complete post and notified the mistake, I corrected it !Thanks for that 🙂
      I attend marriages wearing pattu/cotton, wearing silver, Gold, Brass or whatever that looks good on me and suits my outfit.
      It totally depends on every other individual 🙂
      By the way, I see your username as nayalooksfan, Thanks my dear !
      Love ❤


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