Corporate Party !

Who wants to be onstage (Perform) and offstage (Audience) as well ?
Hey Everyone!!! If you are one among this clan, then give me a Hi-Fi 😀
If you are a follower of nayalooks on insta , You must have already guessed what I am going to write about.
Yes, it’s all about the party hosted by my Organization.
Every IT organization host at least 3 parties (1 per quarter) a year for their associates for a tiny refreshment.
So, it’s that time of the year where we were treated with the 1st one!
It’s called Family day.
I’ll give a brief introduction about this.
Family day is all about getting all the employees and their families’ to one place.
There were a few performances, Lucky draws and some random spontaneous tasks/competitions for the associates and their families and many more.
The main intention behind performances is to entertain our colleagues/coworkers and their families 🙂
The show was a Bollywood themed one (Changes every single year).
It (format of the show and the place) differs from firm to firm.
Coming back to this one,
Party was scheduled from 6.30PM to 11PM in the evening (which actually went on till 12AM).
We were treated at The Westin, Hyderabad.
There were a couple of dance performances, Lucky draws, Fashion show and random competitions for the audience followed by some nice food and drinks.
Party started with lighting the lamp by our VP (Shubo). Shubo’s kid ran towards the stage seeing his dad while he was talking about the significance of Family day and the importance of family in everyone’s life.
Shubo just grabbed him into his arms.
I couldn’t take my eyes off while they were on the stage.
He spoke everything holding his kid in his arms (Such a lovely thing to watch).Then there was a classical dance performed by Akshaya.I am very proud to say that she is from my team, after watching her performance on the stage.
Then there was a lucky draw.
We were given some random numbered tokens before the show started.
Gifts were huge.
And let me tell you something about this.
There were 3 gifts for 3 winners.
I was not sure about 1st and 3rd winners and the gifts.
The number given to 2nd winner was 247.
And mine was 246.
I lost by one.
And guess what, the gift was a wireless printer.
Lol, I felt a little jealous and unlucky (I don’t want to fake it by saying I was not).
But it’s ok 🙂
And then there was a medley dance performed by a group of 7.
They were all from different teams (But you will not feel that when you see them chilling with each other).IMG_278229354515_1629147123806800_5159513185896730353_o29594545_10156330966409679_4659089105957919822_n28954446_1629147000473479_5077609515615202775_o

Khali Bali was my favorite track amongst the three songs in the medley.
I thoroughly enjoyed thier show (I wish I could learn how to dance).
And then the final one was Fashion show.
The one I was a part of.
Being a blogger, People expect a lot from you in these kinda things.
But let me tell you something.
I am just a Blogger, not a model.
This was the 1st time I actually walked down a ramp 😀
As it was Bollywood themed evening, we decided to stick to Bollywood movie characters.
There were a lot of historic characters in our fashion show 😉
There were characters of Bahubali, BajiraoMastani, Padmavati and many more who walked on the ramp with those attires.29060602_10216194969048071_6131653767476843967_o
I walked on Jalwa music taking Kangana’s character from movie Fashion.

I 1st decided to take Leela (Deppika) from Ramleela and then changed it to Kangana because of some reasons!
We all gave our best on the stage.
All thanks to our lovely HR Shiney & Ayush (my co-worker).She was there with us instructing from the scratch & Ayush for completely taking ownership of the background score.
The Performances ended with a vote of thanks.

Oh, By the way we(my team) have received medals and a cup for winning the cricket competition which was held few weeks before the party day!IMG-20180326-WA0007.jpg


Thanks Himani, for being my savior on that day 😉


With the Captain(Naveen) 🙂


After match 🙂 This was taken at Bawarchi, RTC X roads !


After winning 🙂 Naveen was on call with my manager(Harsha) informing about our victory 😉

I was watching all the performances sitting in the crowd until my show started (Fashion show).
Food and drinks format was a buffet.
I don’t know if I was the only one who was so excited for DJ 😀
Everyone was busy in taking photos and I was busy in dancing like a mad chick on floor (Yes, you heard me right).
As soon as the performances ended, I went to the photo booth where I met all my team members (Including my manager) and we clicked some great pictures together for memories!IMG-20180327-WA0010.jpg

That 6 feet guy is my manager 😉

And then I picked up a breezer and hopped on to the floor.
It is completely ok to grab drinks at a corporate party until and unless you don’t fall on floor and irritate people (My perception)
Since it was a Bollywood theme, floor was on fire with everyone’s moves 😀 😉
I had my food by 11.
Since I am a vegetarian, had all the veg stuff and everything was good (Not sure about Non-veg).
My day then ended with some amazing experiences.
By the way the show was a huge hit 🙂
Kudos to Shiney & the admin team for organizing a party like this (I hope they read this).
And thanks to my fellow performers for a great time.

Some behind the show scenes :


The main motto of these parties is to create healthy relationship between employees.
I know this post is so lengthy.
But I wanted to share my experience with you all 🙂
I hope you all enjoyed reading 🙂

PS – I know the picture quality is not at it’s best. Most of the pictures were taken on phone. I hope you all understand 🙂

See you soon!!!


Navya ❤

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