Hello everyone !

I hope you all are doing good .

I have spoken enough in my previous post, so I am directly jumping into the outfit details 😉

As I said before forgive me for my madness over maroon and green.

In this reception outfit, I have paired this maroon crop top with a floral sea green base skirt.

I didn’t go for any ready made.

I bought the fabrics and made it stitched.

I kept this as simple as possible.

Experiment with the colours and give some simple work to the top if you like.

Below are the pictures.

Other details

All fabrics – Narsingh

Hangings – Commercialstreet, Bangalore

Clutch – Ajio

Photographer – Nithin Reddy

PS – This shoot was done in my hectic schedule (I was almost working for 10 days at office). So excuse me if I am looking dull in the pictures 🙂

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I hope you all like this.


Navya ❤

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