MANsquare Wedding !

For everyone who is wondering what is MANsquare, It is Manasa Manoj Wedding 🙂

I have also given a glimpse of what i wore for the wedding.

You must be aware of this if you are in my InstaFam 😀

Manasa has been my very good friend from past 3 years(One among the good things that happened to me in IBM) 🙂

I don’t know how Manoj is going to bear this mad chick 😀

We are with you Manoj(#wesupportyou 😉 )

Coming back, You all should definitely excuse me for my madness over Maroon and Green colors in this series.

This is the outfit which i wore for her big day.

Oh, By the way marriage was at Badrachalam.

I attended the wedding with my mum 🙂

For this i have chosen Maroon Mangalgiri pattu saree with gold color checks on it(So called “old fashioned”).

When i locked my gaze on it, my mum was like no its an old fashioned one.

The very next moment i was like, So what mum?

Be it a old fashioned one or a running trend, You can always leave your mark by styling/presenting it in your way.

I liked the color combination and checks (the exact size i felt good about)

I didn’t chose any high end/heavy work blouse for this.

I took the blouse piece from sari and got it stitched.

I paired it with some chick Afghani hangings.

Guess what my mum complimented that i could turn things around with a wave of my magic wand (by styling it my way) 😉

Not a PS – I am not a pro at draping and posing for pictures in saree 😉

Below are the pictures.


Other details:

Saree – Rooplakshmi Textiles, LPT Market

Blouse – Tailor made

Hangings – Commercial street, Bangalore(Little DIY’ed the colors with nail paints)

Photographer – Nithin Reddy

I hope you all liked it 🙂

Share your views by commenting below 🙂

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