Love is in the air !

Hello people !

Welcome to the season of Love 😉

Valentine’s week it is ❤

As an individual, I actually don’t get the concept of having a day for Love.

Be it Valentine’s day, Mothers day, Fathers day, Friendship day or whatever it maybe.

I don’t trust or believe in having one particular day for showing Love.

I know there are alot of people who eagerly wait for this day every year.

It clearly differs from person to person.

I also believe that there won’t be any particular dress for going out with your Love.

That choice of choosing an outfit will definitely varies from one to the other.

Out of many choices, You could also think of the below outfit idea 🙂

I have chosen this cotton midi dress with checks in blue colour

If your planning for a lunch date or a movie or for a long drive this would be a perfect match !

I have also paired it with blue stilettos and some simple silver jewellery.

That’s it, You are now ready for your long day with your Love !!

Below are the pictures

Other details:

Dress – Ajio

Stilettos – Max Fashion Stores

Watch – Tommy Hilfiger

Jewellery – Shopping pandas(Instagram store)

Photographer – Sudarshan Ch(My Savior)

PS – You can also wear this outfit for any other day with your Love 😛

Hope you all like this and found this helpful 🙂

Until next time,

Navya ❤

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