It’s Christmas !!!

Hey people !!!

Welcome to that week of the year when everyone either wants to party or stay home chilling with family or to go on a vacation with dear ones.
Yess, It’s Christmas time 🙂 🙂
Another reason to dressup and party 😉
Personally, I am very much attached to December since 2014.
My relation with December started when i got my first offer letter.
Good news comes to me in some way or the other every December(Touchwood) 🙂

So for this occasion i have decided to show two outfit ideas.
For the 1st look,i tucked a red sleeveless top into a white lace skirt with a blue jacket.
Christmas is all about red’s and white’s.
I have attached pictures with and without neckpiece.

You can style it as per your convenience.

Below are the pictures:

wp-1513880151981..jpgwp-1513880152130..jpgwp-1513881492462..jpgIMG_1790Other details:

Top – Ajio
Skirt – All about you from Deepika
Jacket – Reliance Trends
Neckpiece – Lifestyle
Wedges – Catwalk

Outfit 2:

For the 2nd one,i wore a basic red sleeveless Kurti with a cream colour pallazzo’s.
I have also teamed up this kurti with a cream colour fake mirror sequin jacket and a gold colour neckpiece

Below are pictures:wp-1513889135440..jpgwp-1513889137043..jpgwp-1513880151827..jpgwp-1513889135130..jpgwp-1513932137465..jpg

Other details:

Kurti – Pantaloons
Palazzo’s – Ajio
Jacket – Melange ColourMe by Lifestyle
Flat Sandals – Max
Watch – Fossil
Neckpiece – Max
Hangings – Reliance

Photographer: Sudarshan Ch

PS: Sorry for my hair, Hair bangs are growing so couldn’t do anything with it.

Merry Christmas 🙂




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